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  Building Technology Laboratory

Our Building Technology Laboratory was found in the year 1995 for the purpose of continuous support of teaching and research in our department. The continuous input of resources and efforts enhances our laboratory to support teaching, research and consultancy activities.

On the teaching front, students can learn the various techniques, such as manipulative, observational and analytical, through laboratory work. They can also learn how to conduct a proper experimental investigation and to use the modern instrumentation technology for experimentation. Through hand-on practical laboratory experiment approach, students can learn how their theoretical learning and technological ideas are applied to practical real world.

The laboratory provides demonstration classes and hands-on building technological experiments on structural mechanics, concrete testing and non-destructive techniques for building diagnostics and inspection. Computer-based learning and simulation software like Matlab and ANSYS have also contributed to the teaching and learning of temporary formwork and false work design, scaffolding and excavation techniques, reinforced concrete beam and column design etc.

Besides providing traditional building technology service and support to teaching experiments and dissertation projects, our laboratory function has been enhanced substantially in the field of building health monitoring and non-destructive building material testing. Our ultimate ambitious objective is to make this laboratory a specialist centre on a number of new building and construction technologies.

  Opening Hours:
  Monday to Friday: 08:45 – 17:15   (12:45 – 14:00 lunch break)
  Saturday: 08:45 – 12:00
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

(Remarks: for safety reason, the lab is only open to students who have received proper safety training or accompanied by BRE staff)

  Location: ZB207
  Tel: 2766 4829 (Mr. I.K.CHAN / Mr. C.F.Wong)
Email: Mr I.K. CHAN (iat.keong.chan@polyu.edu.hk)
  Mr C.F Wong (cf.wong@polyu.edu.hk)


  Resource Centre

The Centre provides related building and engineering information services. It has a wide collection of publications and electronic resources specifically related to the construction and real estate industries. There are also survey sheets, maps and outline zoning plans, government statistics and reports, product technical data which students have found to be very useful and practical for their project works. In addition, arrangements have been made with government and quasi-government agencies to receive on a regular basis their consultancy and research reports, manuals, practice codes and newsletters. There is a growing collection of books, journals and magazines, catalogues, dissertations at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. In line with the broader departmental policy of exploring multi-media opportunities for more effective and efficient teaching and learning, academic and professional journals in their electronic formats are subscribed whenever appropriate. To capitalize on the excellent departmental computer network, the Centre is making abstracts and full text of students’ dissertation available for electronic browsing and retrieval. This served as the Department’s pilot scheme to take full advantages of the Intranet and Internet facilities for teaching, learning and research. Recently, the Centre has established a BRE staff corner to display the Department’s research output. Also, there are plans to extend the collection of publications from China to meet with the future trends.

  Online Catalogue...more
  Dissertation List...more
  Opening Hours:
  Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 12:30 & 14:00 – 22:00
  Saturday: Closed
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
  Location: ZN707
  Tel: 2766 6082 (Mrs Carman LAW / Mrs Edna PAK)
Email: Mrs Carman LAW (carman.law@polyu.edu.hk)
  Mrs Edna PAK (edna.pak@polyu.edu.hk)


  Construction Virtual Prototyping Laboratory

Construction Virtual Prototyping Laboratory is providing an innovative construction platform to the students undertaking their research projects or final year projects. The aim of the laboratory is to broaden the student’s knowledge in the application of Building Information Modeling with applying different dimensional aspects in the Construction Information Technology area.

  Opening Hours:
  Monday to Friday: 09:00am – 17:00pm
  Saturday: 09:00am – 12:00pm
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
  Location: ZN1002-3 (Lab. & office) ZS1103 (CVP Workshop)
  Tel: 2766 5803 (Mr YANG Xintao)
  Email: (Mr YANG Xintao) xintao.yang@polyu.edu.hk


  IT Teaching Room

Students can use any PC station in IT Teaching Room on first-come-first-served basis during non-teaching sections. A schedule of teaching sections is displayed outside the IT Teaching Room.

  Opening Hours:
  Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 18:30
  Saturday: 09:00 – 12:00
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
  Location: ZN1006
  Tel: 2766 5806 (Mr CHEONG) /2766 5869 (Mr LEUNG)
Email: Mr CHEONG (k.k.cheong@polyu.edu.hk)
  Mr LEUNG (wing-man.leung@polyu.edu.hk)


  Multimedia Communication Center
  Located in the Room Zn1006a, the Multi-media Communication Center (MMCC) is an ideal learning platform for our staff and students to develop their multi-media skills by providing a comprehensive set of multimedia equipments, latest software, technical supports and training programmes.
  Opening Hours:
  Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:30
  Saturday: 09:00 – 12:00
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
  Location: ZN1006a
  Tel: 2766 5870 (Mr Ken CHUI)
  Email: (Mr Ken CHUI) ken.chui@polyu.edu.hk


  Ng Wing Hong Laboratory for Sustainable City
  This Laboratory aims to create a high-level laboratory providing information technology infrastructure for examining the sustainable development of Hong Kong at the building and city level. The Laboratory facilitates the archival, processing and retrival of databases and information in mutlimedia formats. It operates at the highest international standards and is recognised as an international leader in the fields, which enables it to take advantage of the new technologies that support its contribution to knowledge. It seeks to partner with others within the university and in the external environment (including industry and other universities) to address the complex issues faced in the built environment.
  Opening Hours:
  Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 17:30
  Saturday: Closed (Unless special events )
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
  Location: ZS701
  Tel: 3400 8160 (Dr. Orianna GUO)
  Email: (Dr. Orianna GUO) orianna.guo@polyu.edu.hk
  Website: http://www.bre.polyu.edu.hk/scl

and for the SCL Booking Calendar link is: Click Here


Description for the SCL booking:


Welcome to use the Sustainable City Lab (SCL) on any teaching or research purpose.

Any staff or research student who wants to make a booking would send an email to Dr. Orianna GUO at least two days in advance through her email, and then she will announce the activity into this Calendar. Besides, you could check the detailed booking information by left click on the booking title. However, in order to keep the record, you could not make any modifications on this Calendar.

  The Project Studios

The two Studios (ZN705 & ZN706) are interconnected with a sliding partition, so they can be used either as two separate rooms or combined together. They are located in block Z with support from a technician in an adjacent room. The sizes are 55m2 and 81m2 respectively.

The concept behind their design is to provide specialist teaching rooms for group project work using the normal tools of the trade that construction firms possess in their offices. Thus, together with other BRE specialist teaching space, the Studios provide a real-life environment where the construction business office can be re-created.

Students have access to drawings, bill of quantities, specifications and correspondence of real or simulated projects from the Resource Centre located next to the Studio ZN706. In addition, there are physical model-building tools that students can use to create 3 dimensional scale models from drawings provided to engage in problem-solving activities as if they were working in industry / the professions.

Students may bring their own notebook computers and access the internet through a wireless LAN anywhere in the Studios.

  Opening Hours:
  Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 22:00
  Saturday: 08:30 – 22:00
  Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
  Location: ZN704
  Tel: 2766 5792 (Mr Francis LO)
  Email: (Mr Francis LO) francis.lo@polyu.edu.hk


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