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  BRE Distinguished Alumni Series - Second Edition
Distinguished Alumni Series - Second Edition was published in June 2006, Volume One of which was published in 2003. Instead of publishing a Volume Two as initially intended, it was noted that many listed alumni have had further achievements lately and an update becomes necessary. This Second Edition is therefore both an update of Volume One and an expansion to include more Distinguished Alumni as more biographies become available. The publication of this Second Edition is also to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Alma Mater in 2007, particularly when the Department of Building and Real Estate has continued to produce eminent leaders for the building and real estate industry in Hong Kong and beyond. As for Volume One, the inclusion of names in this Second Edition of the Distinguished Alumni Series is selected at random and on the availability of biographies and updates. It is by no means a ranking exercise.

In addition to those alumni already listed in Volume One, this Second Edition presents additional alumni listed below (in alphabetical order) who have kindly provided us with their brief biographies. Although some alumni have declined their inclusion in the publication, we are still fortunate enough to enlist alumni of all the predecessors of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. All these alumni have distinguished accomplishments as dedicated officials in the civil service or successful entrepreneurs in the building and real estate professions, either currently or before their retirement. They have rendered substantial contributions not only to their respective professions, but also to Hong Kong at large and beyond. They are truly role models for the younger generation.

  Name (English) Name (Chinese) Profession
  AU Choi Kai Johnny 區載佳 Building Surveyor
  CHAN Jor Kin Kenneth 陳佐堅 Building Surveyor
  CHAN Ka Kui 陳家駒 Quantity Surveyor
  CHAN Ka Yan Clarence 陳家欣 General Practice Surveyor
  CHAN Ping Chuen Albert 陳炳泉 Building Engineer
  CHAN Wah Wai David 陳華偉 Building Surveyor
  CHAN Wai Ming William 陳惠明 General Practice Surveyor
  CHAN Yuk Ming Raymond 陳旭明 Building Surveyor
  CHAU Kam Man 周鑑民 Quantity Surveyor
  CHEUNG Hau Wai Albert 張孝威 Building Surveyor
  CHEUNG Ho Sang Albert 張皓生 Quantity Surveyor
  CHEUNG Kwok Ho Richard 張國豪 Building Surveyor
  CHEUNG Kwok Ming 張國明 Structural Engineer
  CHEUNG Kwok Wai Alex 張國維 Civil Engineer
  CHONG Wing Hon Ben 莊永康 Building Surveyor
  CHOY Wai Wyatt 蔡卉 General Practice Surveyor
  CHUNG Hung Kwan Barnabas 鍾鴻鈞 Building Surveyor
  HO Chi Wing Daniel 何志榮 Building Surveyor
  HO Hang Kwong Thomas 何恆光 General Practice Surveyor
  HO Man Cheung David 何民祥 Building Engineer
  HO On Sing Thomas 何安誠 Builder
  KONG Ping Kwan 江炳坤 General Practice Surveyor
  LAM Chun Daniel 林濬 Building Surveyor
  LAM Tsan Wing Alexander 林增榮 General Practice Surveyor
  LAU Chi Keung 劉智強 Building Surveyor
  LAU Chi Wang James 劉志宏 Geotechnical Engineer
  LAU Ping Cheung 劉炳章 Quantity Surveyor
  LAW Sheung Ping James 羅尚平 Building Surveyor
  LAW Wai Tai 羅維弟 Quantity Surveyor
  LEE Tsung Hei David Chris 李頌熹 Building Surveyor
  LEUNG Chun Ying 梁振英 General Practice Surveyor
  LEUNG Lap Ki Francis 梁立基 Quantity Surveyor
  LIU Ho Po Michael 廖浩波 Builder
  LIU Ling Hong Stephen 廖凌康 Quantity Surveyor
  LIU Sing Cheong 廖勝昌 General Practice Surveyor
  LO Hing Chung 老興忠 General Practice Surveyor
  MO Chan Ming 毛燦明 General Practice Surveyor
  MO Kim Ming 毛劍明 Building Surveyor
  MOK Kwok Woo Peter 莫國和 Structural Engineer
  NG Hang Kwong Francis 吳恒廣 General Practice Surveyor
  NG Kai Kai 吳玠玠 Building Surveyor
  NG Sai Ho Fred 吳世豪 Structural Engineer
  NG Wing Hong 伍永康 Builder
  PANG Tsan Wing Kenneth 彭贊榮 General Practice Surveyor
  SO Chun Hin Albert 蘇振顯 General Practice Surveyor
  SO Kin Shing 蘇健誠 Structural Engineer
  TAM Chi Ming 譚志明 Building Surveyor
  TAM Pui Suen Edwin 譚沛渲 Structural Engineer
  TONG Che Sing Raymond 湯志成 Quantity Surveyor
  TSANG Cheung Chuen Jacques 曾祥全 Building Surveyor
  TSUI Tack Kong 崔德剛 Structural Engineer
  WAN Kwan Cheung Thomas 雲君祥 Structural Engineer
  TSUI Tack Kong 崔德剛 Structural Engineer
  WAN Kwan Cheung Thomas 雲君祥 Structural Engineer
  WAN Man Yee 溫文儀 General Practice Surveyor
  WONG Bay Peter 黃比 Building Surveyor
  WONG Chik Wing Mike 黃植榮 Building Surveyor
  WONG Chun Shiu 黃振韶 General Practice Surveyor
  WONG San Samson 黃山 Building Surveyor
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