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Past Events
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  Date Event
  06-11-2018 The Outstanding BRE Alumni Award 2018...more
  25-10-2018 Chun Wo Construction - Recruitment Talk for QS Graduates...more
  06-10-2018 PolyU Education Info Day 2018...more (Photo) (Video)
  04-10-2018 Career Talk by Nan Fung Group...more
  01-10-2018 to
Prof. Albert Chan, Head of BRE, was invited to attend ‘CIB Board Meeting cum Virginia Tech Alumni Reunion’ at Washington, D.C....more
  21-09-2018 BRE Research Students Winning CIOB(HK) Outstanding Paper Awards 2018...more
  21-09-2018 CIOB (HK) Conference 2018...more
  18-09-2018 How to Establish an Academic Career...more
  15-09-2018 Orientation Day of MSc in International Real Estate Programme (IRE)...more
  13-09-2018 BRE PhD Student Orientation Programme...more
  07-09-2018 Quality Property & Facility Management Award 2018...more
  27-08-2018 BRE Orientation 2018 ...more
  20-07-2018 2018/19 Admission: Notice on Interview Arrangement for JUPAS applicants ...more
  11-07-2018 PolyU Summer Programme 2018...more
  10-07-2018 PolyU Summer Programme Opening Ceremony...more
  10-07-2018 "HKICM and HKIPM Joint CPD Seminar – Introduction to Registration of Contractors under the Buildings Ordinance and Minor Works Control System...more
  04-07-2018 to
BRE Retreat 2018...more
  22-06-2018 BRE Reception 2018...more
  21-06-2018 Ageing-in-place and the built environment: An interdisciplinary dialogue...more (Photo)

HKIS-PPC Youth Debate ...more


Technology Disruption and Behavioral Research - Recent studies in Singapore...more


Built Environment and Active Transport to School: Insights from New Zealand...more


HKICM and HKIPM Joint CPD Seminar on "Steel Frame Construction in Hong Kong: Threats and Opportunities" ...more

  28-05-2018 &

BRE Research Seminars...more


Visit by the Finnish Delegation...more


PolyU JUPAS Consultation Day 2018: Admissions Strategies...more

  17-05-2018 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Smart Bridge Superstructure ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  10-05-2018 The Role of Personal Cooling System (PCS) in Combating Body Heat Strain: A Case Study in Hong Kong...more
  17-04-2018 Recruitment talk by Midland Holdings Limited...more
  12-04-2018 Exploring the Need for Occupational Psychological Health Management in the Construction Industry...more
  11-04-2018 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Smart Cities: A Cost-Benefit Study Framework in the Digital Age ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  06-04-2018 Experiential Learning on Site Safety 2017-2018...more
  22-03-2018 PolyU Counsellors Days 2018...more
  19-03-2018 Gathering with Inbound Exchange Students...more
  07-03-2018 Career Talk by Chun Wo ...more
  02-03-2018 Happy Retirement Talk by Ir Peter Mok ...more (Photo)
  01-03-2018 [COMPETITION] Enrollment for CIOB Global Student Challenge ...more
  26-02-2018 Augmented Workforce in Lean Injury-free Environment...more
  23-02-2018 Optimal Allocation of Resources in Construction Safety: Analytical-Empirical Model...more
  09-02-2018 Campus Visit from Kwun Tong Maryknoll College ...more
  08-02-2018 An institutional economics approach to industrial land supply in the Netherlands...more
  07-02-2018 School Talk at Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School...more
  02-02-2018 FCE Lab Visit from Moselim University of Indonesia...more
  02-02-2018 HKIPM & HKICM Joint CPD Seminar - Journey to Co-space Development in Hong Kong...more
  01-02-2018 GIS and 3D Across the ArcGIS Platform for a Smart City...more
  19-01-2018 CIOB (HK) CPD Seminar...more
  15-01-2018 Sustainability in Construction...more
  13-01-2018 PolyU Taught Postgraduate Programmes for Construction & Real Estate Sector ...more
  08-01-2018 Public Policy Research Forum on Hong Kong’s Planning Control System...more
  01-01-2018 to
CIOB HK - Construction Manager of the Year Awards 2016 in Hong Kong...more

updated : 11 Nov 2018


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