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Past Events
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  Date Event
  26-04-2017 BRE Distinguished Lecture - ‘Vertical City – Hong Kong Practice and Case Study on ICC' ...more
  08-04-2017 Heep Yunn School's University Fair...more
  03-04-2017 Tamkang University's Visit...more
  29-03-2017 Gathering for International Students...more
  22-03-2017 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Sustainable Construction and Development...more (Poster) (Photo)
  22-03-2017 Evaluation of Cost & Time Overrun Risk Factors for Highways Projects in Terrorism Affected Countries...more
  16-03-2017 HKICM and HKIPM Joint CPD Seminar – Holistic Risk Assessment Model for Target Cost Contracts – A Reality or Myth?...more
  09-03-2017 Colonial History, Indigenous Villagers’ Rights, and Rural Land Use: An Empirical Study of Planning Control Decisions on Small House Applications...more
  01-03-2017 GRAPHISOFT BIM Solutions...more
  18-02-2017 Automation, Fatality and Human Ingenuity: Innovation with Fatal Consequences...more
  15-02-2017 Review and componential analysis on emergent digital technology in asset operations and management (O&M)...more
  19-01-2017 Building Integrated Photovoltaics -- BIPV...more
  17-01-2017 Visit of Sungkyunkwan University...more
  01-2017 Surveying Students’ Study Tour to Taiwan (Visits to National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Council of Shopping Centres, etc.)...more
  01-2017 Surveying Students’ Study Tour to Japan (Visits to CBRE, Kajima Construction Company, Nishimatsu Construction Site and Toranomon Tower, etc.)...more
  14-01-2017 PolyU Info Day for Taught Postgraduate Programmes...more
  05-01-2017 Class 1967's Reunion Day...more

updated : 27 April 2017


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