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Photo Gallery 2008-2018
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  14-12-2016 The construction industry and urban renewal in China: implications for professionals...more
  07-12-2016 What are learnt in concentrated rural settlement development after the 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake? Implications from both big data and small data...more
  11-2016 Outstanding BRE Alumni Award 2016 - Celebratory Dinner...more
  30-11-2016 Study on the formation and measurement of human capital of the new generation of migrant worker...more
  25-11-2016 Megaprojects and the Mess They Can Make: How to Lead Scale?...more
  24-11-2016 The Smart City Symposium...more
  22-11-2016 Metrics that Matter: Improving Project Progress and Performance Assessment...more
  16-11-2016 A Compound Option Pricing Model in Urban Redevelopment Projects...more
  11-11-2016 2016 Best Dissertation Award Presentation Ceremony cum Sharing Sessions on Writing Good PhD Dissertations...more
  04-11-2016 SCLHK One Day International Conference 2016...more
  02-11-2016 Reality Visualisation Applications of Indoor VR True 3D Scanning by Trolley...more
  01-11-2016 The Outstanding BRE Alumni Award 2016 - Presentation Ceremony...more
  01-11-2016 The 22nd Congregation - Award Presentation Ceremony...more
  26-10-2016 How to be an effective writer of refereed journal publications?...more
  19-10-2016 GIS for Smart City - ArcGIS Platform Technology Update...more
  12-10-2016 Improving the safety management of ethnic minority construction workers...more
  08-10-2016 PolyU Education Info Day...more
  05-10-2016 BIM-based project management: approach and mechanism...more
  29-09-2016 Quality Property & Facility Management Award 2016 ...more
  28-09-2016 A Multi-Scale Decision Support Framework for Sustainable Urban Renewal in High-density Cities...more
  21-09-2016 An Agent-based Platform for Decision Making on the Green Retrofit of Public Buildings...more
  12-09-2016 Go Global Bazaar ...more
  10-09-2016 HKIS Annual Conference 2016 on 10 September – ‘Kowloon East – Building Our Future Model City’ ...more
  30-08-2016 Orientation Programme for BRE Freshmen...more
  27-08-2016 Your School, Dream Green Competition...more
  26-08-2016 Evaluation and Management of Smart and Sustainable Urban Planning and the Built Environment...more
  04-08-2016 to
Asian Coalition for Building Science and Construction Engineering International Workshop 2016 - Construction Innovation for Sustainable Urban Development...more
  28-07-2016 Maximizing the benefits of your ORCID ID...more
  22-07-2016 2016/17 Admission: Notice on Interview Arrangement for JUPAS applicants...more
  30-06-2016 BRE Reception 2016...more
  22-06-2016 The 15th Academic Conference for Post-graduate Students in Construction Management and Real Estate...more (Press Release)
  20-06-2016 to
BRE Retreat...more
  26-05-2016 Aligning research and teaching with industry needs: a reflection on construction and project management education in Queensland, Australia...more
  26-05-2016 Invitation to Forum ‘How to Make a Perfect Shopping Mall’...more
  21-05-2016 PolyU Admission Strategies for JUPAS Applicants 2016...more
  20-05-2016 Invitation to Seminar ‘What is really involved in Construction Law in Real Life...more
  13-05-2016 Visit of Wuhan University of Technology...more
  12-04-2016 Institute for Public Policy and Governance, by Roberta; Global Urban Challenges, by Lee...more
  05-04-2016 Gearing Up Academics for Collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) Education...more
  03-2016 Alex, BRE Student, Winning Silver Medal & Breaking Hong Kong’s Record in the Division 1 Age Group Long Course Swimming Competition’ ...more
  30-03-2016 Determinants of Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Mainland China: A Contractor's Perspective...more
  29-03-2016 Visit by Universitas Bung Hatta, Indonesia...more
  22-03-2016 The Hong Kong Institute of Project Management (HKIPM) CPD Seminar - A Buildability Assessment System for the Scheme Design Stage of Building Projects in Hong Kong...more
  22-03-2016 Key Technology Partnership (KTP) Visiting Fellow at UTS Sharing and New Situation of SCL...more
  15-03-2016 Civil Integrated Management System for Transportation Agencies...more
  12-03-2016 'Your School, Dream Green' Competition - Opening Ceremony cum 1st Workshop organized by Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and fully supported by BRE’...more
  09-03-2016 Market Sentiment in Residential Project Development...more
  01-03-2016 Real time decision support platform for prefabrication housing construction in Hong Kong...more
  24-02-2016 Transaction Costs application in Building Energy Efficiency / Retrofits...more
  15-02-2016 to
CIOB Construction Manager of the Year Awards 2014 Exhibition...more
  02-02-2016 Briefing on the coming audit by the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) and beyond...more
  29-01-2016 The engagement of industry in universities...more
  29-01-2016 buildingSMART Hong Kong Technology Conference 2016 ‘Future BIM Technology’...more
  27-01-2016 Joint Institution Technical Seminar on 'Construction Accidents Related to Electrical and Mechanical Works’ by Prof. Francis Wong...more
  26-01-2016 Industrialized Building Systems = Much More Sustainability...more
  23-01-2016 Joint Conference - "high Potential Application of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) in the Hong Kong construction and property industries"...more
  21-01-2016 Talk on 'Building Safety, Buildings Department's Duties & Services and Career Development' ...more
  19-01-2016 A Model of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) in Hong Kong...more
  09-01-2016 Info Day for Taught Postgraduate Programmes...more
  07-01-2016 HKIPM-PolyU Joint CPD Seminar on Heat Stress Measures...more
  04-01-2016 BRE Distinguished Lecture -"Adjudication – Will it change the Landscape of Dispute Resolution in the Hong Kong Construction Industry?"...more (Poster) (Photo)

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