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BRE Distinguished Lecture / Dialogue with BRE Alumni
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BRE Distinguished Lecture / Dialogue with BRE Alumni
  BRE Distinguished Lecture  
  06-08-2019 BRE Distinguished Lecture 'A New Era of Construction' ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  11-04-2019 BRE Distinguished Lecture 'Revitalisation of Aged Industrial Buildings - The Past and the Future' ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  19-02-2019 BRE Distinguished Lecture 'From Grey to Green - A Quest for Innovative Urban Development' ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  07-12-2018 BRE Lecture - Emerging Practices in Infrastructure PPP Projects ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  17-05-2018 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Smart Bridge Superstructure ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  11-04-2018 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Smart Cities: A Cost-Benefit Study Framework in the Digital Age ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  12-12-2017 BRE Distinguished Lecture - An Overview of the Development of the Cost Engineering Profession in China and its Future Direction ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  02-11-2017 BRE Distinguished Lecture - City Problem│Problem City: How the Land Comes/What to do with “Double Aging” ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  24-05-2017 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Management of Major Public Programs in Hong Kong ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  26-04-2017 BRE Distinguished Lecture - ‘Vertical City – Hong Kong Practice and Case Study on ICC' ...more (Poster) (Photo)
  22-03-2017 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Sustainable Construction and Development...more (Poster) (Photo)
  04-01-2016 BRE Distinguished Lecture -

'Adjudication – Will it change the Landscape of Dispute Resolution in the Hong Kong Construction Industry?'...more
(Poster) (Photo)
  04-11-2015 BRE Distinguished Lecture - 'Broadening Your Horizons – the Surveyor as Entrepreneur’...more (Poster) (Photo)

BRE Distinguished Lecture - LANTAU DEVELOPMENT...more (Poster) (Photo)

  07-01-2015 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Something To Remember...more (Poster) (Photo)
  28-05-2014 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Learning To Learn...more (Poster) (Photo)
  12-03-2014 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Supply and Demand of Precast Concrete Facade in Hong Kong Property Market...more (Poster) (Photo)
  13-10-2013 BRE Distinguished Lecture - Development, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility...more (Poster) (Photo)
  07-02-2012 BRE Advanced Lecture Series - Practical Tips to Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur...more
  14-06-2011 BRE Advanced Lecture Series - Challenges and Opportunities for Surveyors...more (Presentation Materials)
  12-04-2011 BRE Advanced Lecture Series - Railway and Property Model - MTR Experience...more (Presentation Materials)
  09-07-2010 Advanced Lecture Series - Construction - In-Depth Structural Conflicts?...more
  02-03-2010 BRE Advanced Lecture Series - Housing - The Market and Public Policy...more (Presentation Materials)
  19-01-2010 BRE Advanced Lecture Series - Expert Evidence and Expert Witness...more
  11-12-2009 BRE Advanced Lecture Series - Property Right and Delay in Response to Resources and Environmental Problems...more
  06-03-2009 BRE Advanced Lecture Series - The Way I See the Building and Real Estate Industry - A Local and Global Perspective of Accomplishments, Challenges and Directions for Surveyors...more
  02-06-2009 BRE Advanced Lecture Series - New Paradigm of Building Control...more (Presentation Materials)
  10-12-2008 Distinguished Lecture - Economic Development in a New Framework: A Perspective for China...more
  Dialogue with BRE Alumni  
  06-11-2013 Dialogue with BRE Alumni - 怎樣踏上成功之路...more
  20-03-2012 Dialogue with BRE Alumni - Ethics - Success To Sustainable Business...more
  21-12-2011 Dialogue with BRE Alumni - Managing Projects in China: Experience Sharing...more (Presentation Materials)
  19-10-2010 Dialogue with BRE Alumni - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)...more (Presentation Materials)
  16-04-2010 Dialogue with BRE Alumni - 大師兄的建築「理」程 — 由1937說起…...more
  17-11-2009 Dialogue with BRE Alumni - The Hong Kong Construction Industry...more (Presentation Materials)

Dialogue with BRE Alumni - Reflections and Dialogues...more (Presentation Materials)



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