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Prizes, Awards & Achievements
  Date Event
  03-2019 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2018/19...more
  01-2019 BRE PhD Students/Graduate Winning Occupational Safety & Health Best Project Scholarship (2017-18)...more
  11-01-2019 BRE PhD Research Student Winning the HKIE-SSC Student Project Competition 2018 (Doctorate Group)...more
  06-11-2018 BRE Award for Outstanding Research Performance 2017/18...more
  21-09-2018 BRE Research Students Winning CIOB(HK) Outstanding Paper Awards 2018...more
  19-04-2018 Winner of HKIPM Project Management Achievement Awards 2017 (Category: Research) - Dr Daniel Chan...more
  12-2017 Prof. Heng Li Awarded a ECF Grant...more
  11-2017 BRE PhD Graduate, Guo Shan Receiving ‘Outstanding Young Scholar Award’ & Starting a New Chapter at Renmin University of China...more
  24-10-2017 Winner of apfpm Project Management Achievement Awards 2017 (Category: Research)- Dr Daniel Chan...more
  10-2017 BRE PhD Student, Maxwell receiving Award at West Africa Built Environment Research Conference...more
  10-2017 Please join us to congratulate Prof. Geoffrey SHEN and Dr WADU MESTHRIGE Jayantha on the following remarkable achievements...more
  15-09-2017 BRE PhD Student, Waleed Receiving Award at International Postgraduate Research Conference...more
  09-2017 Sun Yi serving the Expert Group on The Disaster-related Statistics in Asia and the Pacific...more
  09-2017 A Warm Welcome to Mikkel an Exchange-in PhD Student from Denmark...more
  09-2017 ‘PolyU People Stories 理動人心’ Featuring BRE Members - To Promote ‘Can-do Spirit’...more
  06-2017 ‘Anti-heat Stress Clothing’ wins Grand Award in PolyU Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Awards ...more
  05-2017 1st Class Award went to Prof. Albert Chan’s Research Team in the Scientific Advancement Award 2016 ...more
  27-04-2017 BRE Academic Staff, Dr Daniel Chan Winning HKIPM Project Management Achievement Awards (2016) ...more
  03-2017 Heat Stress Studies’ Impact on Industry ...more
  03-2017 Climbing to 15th in subject ‘Architecture/Built Environment’,QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 ...more
  02-2017 BRE Scholars Receiving Accolades in PTeC’s Outstanding Professional Services Awards 2016 ...more
  02-2017 Research Collaboration Beyond Boundaries ...more
  01-2017 Eddie's Insightful Message on RTHK ...more
  01-2017 Stephen Advising Law Students from the Globe ...more
  01-2017 Schuman & Shell Winning ‘CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award’ ...more
  12-2016 Zahoor, BRE PhD Student, receiving OSH Best Project Award ...more
  19-10-2016 New Book Publication on Target Cost Contracting Strategy by BRE Academic Staff (Dr Daniel Chan) ...more
  09-2016 Contribute to Industry by Licensing technology of Anti-heat Stress Clothing ...more
  08-09-2016 Media Coverage of ‘Optimized Version of PolyU’s Anti-heat Stress Outfit’ ...more
  27-08-2016 PolyU’s cooling vest was reported on the news report of Cable TV ...more
  08-2016 BRE awardees for research awards (2015/16) ...more
  10-07-2016 Albert & Francis Receiving CIOB International Innovation and Research Awards ...more
  07-2016 Geoffrey & Xue Winning Prizes in ‘Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2016’ ...more
  07-2016 Patrick’s Insightful Sharing at ‘7th Principles for Responsible Management Education Asia Forum’ ...more
  07-2016 Prof. Ni Meng awarded Prestigious Humboldt Research Fellowship ...more
  07-2016 Robert Winning ‘Best Presentation/Paper Award’ & ‘Best Presenter Award’...more
  07-2016 Study of Plot Ratio and Building Height Restrictions for Kai Tak Development by 3D Spatial Analysis Technology...more
  11-06-2016 Congratulations to Dr Ni Meng on being selected as one of highly cited researchers in the field of Energy Science and Technology in the world!...more
  09-06-2016 PolyU tops the world with the largest number of highly cited researchers in terms of the civil engineering discipline. We are most delighted that our two Chair Professors, Ir Prof. Albert Chan and Prof. Li Heng are on the list...more
  06-2016 Paper of Geoffrey and Helen selected as a Highly Commented Paper...more
  14-04-2016 The Hong Kong Institute of Project Management (HKIPM) Project Management Achievement Awards (2015) under Research Category - Winner (Dr Daniel Chan)...more
  04-2016 Anti-heat Stress Clothing Winning Grand Prize and Gold Medal in Geneva’s Invention Expo ...more
  03-2016 Research Scholarship for BRE Research Student...more
  03-2016 ‘Provision of Consultancy Study on the Economic Benefits of Infrastructure Investment in Hong Kong’ winning ‘PTeC's Outstanding Professional Services Awards’ ...more
  03-2016 PolyU ranked 16th in ‘Architecture/Built Environment’, QS World University Rankings by Subject...more
  14-02-2016 to
Orianna as Key Technology Partnership Visiting Fellow at University of Technology Sydney...more
  02-2016 New Book by Albert Chan & Carol Hon ‘Safety of Repair, Maintenance, Minor Alteration and Addition Works’...more
  02-2016 BRE academics receiving funding from Environmental Protection Department...more
  01-2016 Prof. Edwin Chan & his Research Team Winning ‘Guangdong Best Planning Project Award’...more
  01-2016 ‘Premier Award’ of CIOB International Innovation & Research Awards goes to Albert’s Research Team...more
  2016 Dr. Meng Ni and CEE Colleagues Received Funding Support from Innovation Technology Fund (ITF)...more
  2016 Dr. Meng Ni Received Funding Support Under the PROCORE-France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme...more
  15/12/2015 Albert’s Team Winning Local Grand Prize of CIC Innovation Award...more (Photo) (Interview of Metro Finance Radio)
  15-12-2015 ‘Occupational Safety and Health Student Research Scholarship 2014’ Award Presentation (Winner : Dr. Jackie Yang)..more
  15-12-2015 BRE Undergraduate Student Winning OSHC Best Project Award (2015)..more
  12-2015 Dr Meng NI receiving Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing Awards..more
  19-11-2015 Winners of the Annual Best Final-Year Dissertation Award Competition (2015) for CIB Student Chapter of HKPolyU...more
  11-2015 PolyU 21st Congregation (Prize Presentation Ceremony)...more
  16-09-2015 Announcement of BRE Research Awards (2014/15)...more
  07-2015 Professor Eddie Hui Awarded 'Medal of Honour'...more
  04-2015 Research Teams Led by Prof. Albert Chan & Dr Patrick Lam
Receiving HKIPM Awards...more

  04-02-2015 The Occupational Safety and Health Council's Best Project Award - Dr Yi Wen, BRE PhD Graduate ...more
  2015 Prof. Heng LI's Securing 'Innovation and Technology Fund'...more
  2015 Research on ‘Anti-heat Stress Clothing for Construction Workers in Hot & Humid Weather’ Receiving Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technology Transfer 2015...more
  07-11-2014 Winners of the Annual Best Final-Year Dissertation Award Competition (2014) for CIB Student Chapter of HKPolyU...more
  20-08-2014 HKIPM-PolyU Joint CPD Seminar on HKIPM and apfpm Awards 2013...more
  05-2014 Prof. Eddie Hui Winning the Award ‘Highly Commended Paper’...more
  14-02-2014 “Focus Group Study on Long Term Housing Strategy”
on the list of “Outstanding Professional Services Awards 2013”...more

  2014 The HKIE Safety Specialist Committee Student Project Competition 2014 – Champion: Dr Yi Wen (Supervisor: Prof. Albert Chan) ...more
  2014 Dr Jodith Leung’s winning 2014 Emerald / EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards ...more
  12-2013 CIB News Article: Winner Sebestyen Future Leaders Award ...more
  06-11-2013 Winners of the Annual Best Final-Year Dissertation Award Competition (2013) for CIB Student Chapter of PolyU ...more
  11-2013 HKIE Best Transactions Paper Prize 2013 for Dr. Linda Fan and Ms Angel Law...more
  10-2013 BRE Student Winning the HKIS Dissertation/Thesis Awards for Postgraduate Students 2013 ...more
  07-2013 Congratulations to HKPolyU CIB Student Chapter on winning the first prize of the 6th Innovation Competition in Construction and Management in Beijing in early July 2013! ...more

BRE MSc Student Winning the HKIE-SSC Student Dissertation/Project Competition Awards 2013...more

  30-10-2012 CIB(SC) - Annual Dissertation Award Competition (2012)...more
  02-2012 Prof. Heng LI, BRE Winning Awards in PolyU PTeC's Outstanding Professional Services Awards 2012...more
  2011-2012 BRE Dissertation Students Winning the HKICM Construction Management Research Awards...more
  2012 BRE Students Winning the HKIS Dissertation/Thesis Awards for Postgraduate Students...more
  07-01-2011 BRE Scholar Receiving Distinguished Alumni Award...more
  2010-2011 BRE Research Publication Award...more
  2011 PolyU CIB Student Chapter Winning CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award 2011 Proposal Title: "Exploring Construction Industrialization in China: the Status Quo and the Challenges", with Mr. Peng Yi and Mr. Hong Yu Ming...more
  04-07-2010 BRE staff shared the glory of the National Excellent Papers Award with Tsinghua Scholars...more
  2010 BRE Scholar Winning Top Reviewer...more
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