Academic Advising System

  • All BRE students admitted to the new 4-year curriculum will be assigned a Departmental Academic Advisor.  The Board Discipline students will be assigned an Academic Advisor once they have confirmed their major of study in BRE.

  • Academic Advisors and their student advisees are expected to keep in contact regularly (e.g., via emails or other means), and to have at least one face-to-face meeting with them, either individually or in small groups, during the academic year.

  • The student advisees will prepare a brief report after meeting with the Academic Advisor each time.  (Attachments: Meeting Report (Group), Meeting Report (Individual))

  • The original brief report will be kept by the Academic Advisor for record and a copy of the report will be uploaded to student record system for access of students and relevant parties.
  FAQ for Student Advisees